Marianna M. Duford ...A Fine Artist with wanderlust

   “Art Critics”            
                 Painted during the Douglas Land Conservancy Plein Air Invitational  2014     8x16 oil    SOLD

A bit of a gypsy and lifelong artist, Marianna, brings her love of the outdoors to her art and everything that she does.  She doesn't limit her artwork to just one medium and likes to let the inspiration decide whether it would be better in watercolor, oils or acrylics.  Her sense of humor permeates her art and she uses her “artistic license” with gusto!

She has a painterly style of expressing herself called Impressionistic Realism.  Capturing light and color to reproduce form to create feelings is her constant challenge whether painting in her studio or in the great outdoors.


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           “When I’m not busy doing something,  I’m busy doing something else.”  ... Marianna

Marianna M Duford   Fine Artist

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